About Me

I started making pinatas in 2017 for my daughter's 10th birthday. She wanted the theme to be Selena so when we talked about the pinata, we knew we didn't want to hit and break an effigy of Selena. We settled on a microphone with her signature & a rose but couldn't find one online so we went to the Pinata District in Downtown LA. We walked around to multiple vendors but they all told us they needed at least 3 weeks notice and the pinata would be at least $75, depending how big I wanted the custom pinata to be. I had neither. The party was the following weekend and my pinata budget was *maybe* $50.

We returned home and I decided I could make it myself. I had plenty of cardboard and since I had an elementary school kid at home, I had lots of supplies for arts and crafts. I ended up making her a three foot, giant pinata that was almost as big as her and she loved it. All of our party guests loved it. I realized it really wasn't that hard to make and I figured it wouldn't hurt to have a side-gig, since I was working at a nonprofit.

I decided that if I was going to make and sell pinatas, I wanted them to be original and accessible to folks who don't have a Pinata District in their local downtown area. That is why I ship worldwide and most of my pinatas are around 12 inches. Shipping is significantly more once the box exceeds 12". In six years I've shipped to 42 states with the exceptions being Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, West Virginia & Wyoming.

I personally don't love taking custom orders or making pinatas that can easily be found at a local grocery store. I much prefer to make original designs inspired by my personal life, like the Selena microphone, the Hot Cheetos bag or the Zoom laptop. I find it's really hard for me to find inspiration and create something I'm proud of when I have to create a pinata for a client if I have no connection to them or their event. It may sound selfish, but I think that's just part of being a brand new artist. I straddle the line between artist & business owner and struggle between making a buck and staying true to my artistry. In the six years I've been in business I've tried to develop a personal style and ethos. I believe pinatas should never be perfect and should always be easily broken by kids. I've turned down projects that paid well but I didn't connect to because I knew I couldn't create a piece either ther client or I could be proud of. I've also recreated pieces over and over and over again because I love making them and I feel like my hands are writing a song when I work and I know everyone who sees the piece will feel some sense of joy and nostalgia.

Pinatas have so far taken me to two museum exhibitions, something I never ever expected to happen. I have so many ideas and inspiration for where I want to take them and I can't wait to see where they do take me that I haven't even thought of or considered.