Hi! I'm Party Girl, Amor!

Hi! I'm Party Girl, Amor!

Hello & thank you for shopping Party Girl Piñatas!

The idea to start making piñatas came to me in 2017 when I was organizing my daughter's Selena-themed birthday party and I couldn't find a microphone piñata anywhere on the internet or at the Piñata District in DTLA. I asked one of the vendors how much a 3-foot custom piñata would cost and when he said $75 and 3 weeks I knew I had to find some cardboard because I didn't want to pay that much for something that was meant to be smashed and I had 1 week til the party.

We returned home, I gathered all the delivery boxes I could find & some leftover holiday tissue paper and got to work. Having a 10 year old at home, I had plenty of rulers, glue, glitter & creativity on hand. It took me about two days to finish the piñata and when I realized how easy it was to make, I figured this could quickly & easily become a side-hustle.

The name Party Girl came to me from the reputation I developed in college of being a party girl. A label I wear proudly as an extrovert & a Libra. With a brand identity and a name, a few days before my daughter's birthday party, I announced Party Girl Piñatas on social media.

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